- An architectural city full of history and traditions -

Located in the sunny South of Spain is Seville, a place famous for its culture, monuments, traditions, and artistic heritage. Thanks to the various religions that were celebrated in the city, the city is embellished with picturesque constructions of various styles: Moorish, Gothic, Plateresque, and Baroque. Also, their traditional dance and songs are a combination of Arabic and Spanish sounds and moves, and can be enjoyed in many tablaos (bars).

Seville is also a place full of life and possibilities. It is undoubtedly a preferred MICE destination in Spain, and is one of the cities where MICE facilities are growing the most. In 2019, it will host the World Travel & Tourismo Council 2019, where more than 700 representatives and business leaders will visit the event!

  • Awarded as the best tourist destination for 2019 by Lonely Planet.
  • Birthplace of Flamenco
  • Well known for religious celebrations and festivals ​It is home to fascinating old and new buildings.
  • The two most famous festivities of the area are: Semana Santa and Feria de Sevilla
  • Roman remains can be seen on many places in the city. 


The south of Spain has all the ingredients to live an unforgettable experience. These activities will bring your company staff together as a unified team. Fun, morale-boosting teambuilding events that inspire company spirit and team moral.