- The capital of arts and design -

Bilbao is worth a visit for its countless MICE facilities as well as its incredible arts and design features. Furthermore, the city is a cultural paradise where art can be found everywhere. Bilbao is flourished with themed museums, art exhibitions, an ongoing programme of theatre, music, and dance, and has two of Spain’s best art-galleries where guests can enjoy a spectacular collection of historical-, contemporary-, and fine arts. Also in the gastronomic scene, art can be found. The city is home to some distinguished restaurants that offer both traditional- and haute-cuisine plates of art, created by some of the world’s best chefs. The most popular dishes of the city however, are Pinxtos: small dishes that can be eaten hot or cold and are served in almost every bar.
  • The temperatures in the Basque Country are mild throughout the year.
  • The Bilbao Exhibition Centre is the largest conference venue of the city with 2,703,330 m2 of space.
  • The city is surrounded by fertile landscapes perfect for day trips and activities. Bilbao is one of the largest cultural and economic centres of Northern Spain.
  • Bilbao has an excellent public transportation system, including a modern subway and buses.
  • The hospitality facilities of the city are growing rapidly: it has increased from 45 hotels registered in 2009 to 72 hotels in 2017.


The Basque Country is a unique place, rich culture with strong traditions and delicious cuisine. We offer you guided tours and local activities so that you so that you’ll have an insight into the heart of this beautiful region.