Events: Your world just got bigger!

As the COVID-19 pandemic halted us at LifestyleDMC we decided to use the time out to redefine ourselves and come up with a solution to the following two challenges:

  1. How do we create value to our clients so that they can continue providing their services to their customers or attendees?
  2. How do we work with our clients to co-create impactful events online so that they can stand out from the crowd?

After 100s of conversations and listening to the concerns and needs of our clients, we know that the world will be hybrid where online moments will coexist with physical and virtual events are here to stay. In this hybrid world your physical and virtual events must be impactful, memorable and seamlessly connected with each other. A simple translation of moving a physical event to a digital platform will not be enough.

With this in mind and with the help of a team of experienced designers, educators, tech specialists and developers we launched our AnEmLo Suite.

Our AnEmLo Suite is a scalable platform designed for co-creation of impactful gatherings online suitable for all types of meetings small or very large. Whether your purpose is informing, educating, engaging or influencing customers and partners, or creating memorable experiences in-house for leaders and teams we are here to work with you every step of the journey:

  • Idea generation – defining your “why” – the purpose of your virtual event and the expected outcomes
  • Co-creation & event design – defining the “what” – the desired event experience for attendees
  • Platform – defining “how” the experience will be delivered in the virtual world
  • Delivery – bringing the ideas to reality with our team of event planners and partners
  • Tech Support – the safety net to secure everything will go as planned

Our team of event planners have over 20 years experience in planning and creating events beyond expectations. With our new AnEmLo Suite your world just got bigger. There are no physical borders to the type of event and experience we can create together. From large conferences and trade shows to incentive meetings and in-house workshops our team will work with you to bring desired experiences to reality.

We would love to work together with you and bring the following key benefits to your virtual gatherings

A well hosted virtual event using AnEmLo Suite :

  • drives high engagement as participants feel more relaxed in the safety of their own environments joining a well designed virtual experience personalised to their individual needs
  • drives high level of participation and in-meeting interactions between participants through integrated in-meeting polls, chats, breakout rooms and online apps.
  • has No Borders and it’s Environmental Friendly: you always wished to have an inspirational speaker from another country – but travel schedules made it impossible? Or have a sushi chef from Japan to bring a unique and fun experience to your teams? Now it’s possible: you can engage with people in multiple time zones at the same time with a huge reduction of carbon footprint.

is Data Driven – you can actually measure how the event is performing in line with your desired outcomes. Track important pre/during/post meeting data down to a personal level – in terms of engagement, time and quality.

We would love to have a conversation with you and start the co-creation of your next memorable experience online!

Check out our AnEmLo Suite today!

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