Why is Lisbon the perfect destination for your next corporate trip?

There is a wonderful saying that we use in the office a lot it is “the way you do anything is the way you do everything” and this goes for how we interact with each other to how we interact with our clients and partners. So, when we research a new destination to offer clients we take the same Lifestyle philosophy and apply it to our procurement process. Our 3 top values are Creativity, Fun and Professionalism, quite simply put, if a venue, or a restaurant or an activity does not have these 3 elements then they just don’t make the cut.

Lisbon as a destination certainly makes the cut.

We have organized several events in Lisbon and spent many months researching it´s infrastructure and facilities. Portugal’s vibrant, coastal capital city is a well-known travel destination in Europe. Not strange considering it´s beautiful year-round climate, averaging 200 days of sun yearly. On top of this, the city also offers a rich history, lively nightlife, great diversity and authenticity all around the city.

The number of hotels is also rising in Lisbon, from 181 hotels in 2015 to 270 hotels in 2017. Forty-five of these eighty-five new hotels have either four or five stars. Indications that the city is preparing to become a great MICE destination.

But the thing we love most about Lisbon is something that cannot be explained in words… the vibe. The charm of this city will enchant you from the moment you land at the airport until the moment you leave.

A trend that we have noticed which seems to be increasing is requests for incentive groups of between 40 -100 people 3 day incentive trips to Lisbon. Check out our sample itinerary for this size group and be sure to contact us for more information, we have plenty more great things to share with you!

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