A little update for you…

We cannot say we are back…because we never left!

From the first minute, we’ve been here relentlessly supporting each other: the team, our customers and our partners. Having amazing conversations with many of you about simple and insightful questions such as “How you are doing?” from the comfort of our homes, sitting on our favorite couch and listening to clear-sighted life lessons in answer to that apparently easy question. We realised that our work-related interlocutor has become much more than this, has become our friend.

Foundations for the hybrid event reality, built

The last 4 months have seen all our expert efforts focused on crafting a new experience in virtual events. All of us, you and us, have been jumping endlessly from one video meeting to another sharing ideas. There are many platforms for this. But, how many of these meetings do we remember? How many of them were productive? From our background and knowledge: we know it takes careful planning to create a virtual experience that leaves an indelible positive impact on all participants. For this reason, our AnEmLo Suite has been created to partner with our clients to help co-create memorable virtual events.

What does the future look like?

That’s anyone’s guess and we are placing our bets on hybrid events. Meaning that when face to face events do return at scale, they’ll always have a virtual component to them, and we are more than ready to help you. We are here to help you find the solution when you are ready to travel again. And we are here to help you when you want to host multi-location virtual events such as meetings, conferences, workshops or a fusion event with your team.

Spain is getting back on its feet

We’ve been having meetings with our partners here in Catalunya, Madrid, Costa del Sol, Valencia and throughout Spain, and the sentiment is the same: we all love our sector, we have all been hit hard and we all are fighting for our passion. Some have fallen but many are now stronger. Much stronger and far more creative than ever.

We hope to share our passion with you once again. We are here. We never left!

#spaintheperfectmicedestination #yourdmcspecialists

#spaintheperfectmicedestination #yourdmcspecialists

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