Are virtual meetings here to stay?

During this confinement period, like many other DMCs and event companies, we have had to move many of our meetings to the virtual world. On the face of it this seems quite a simple task, as one client said, “I just need to organise a couple of zoom meetings for my team which should be ok” . The devil as always is in the detail. A video conference is not the same as organising a family chat online. It takes some careful planning to ensure that the delegates have an engaging experience and come away with some tangible takeaways. It also requires a fundamental shift in the way we as an event organisers see our industry. Early last year when a global pandemic was not even part of our feasible consciousness, we began a process with top coach and training Luis Costa. We spent hours investigating and challenging, the What?, Why? and How? Of our company ethos. The process is ongoing and certainly uncovered some blind spots in our approach.

Fast forward to March 13th 2020, we left our offices to begin working from home in a world that was filled with uncertainties. We didn’t stop our internal development process, we moved everything to virtual. We worked with expert change strategist Zsuzsanna Ferenczi to transition our internal training online. Our conclusion was that the, “What” we do and “Why” we do, it had not changed, simply the “How”?

We are a dedicated, flexible team which has given us the advantage to be able to embrace the changes and advantages offered by virtual meetings.

We have been busy organising several online meetings and webinars in this period and the learning curve has been steeper than mount Everest. We are thankful for the faith our clients have put in our team to help as they continue to transition their meetings online.

From live panel discussions with international experts, to a series of medical webinars in Oncology, we offer the following services:

  • Event site build and design;
  • Virtual attendee registration;
  • Technical support and consultation;
  • Speaker preparation;
  • Pre/post meeting communication;
  • Host services;
  • Meeting “Perks”;

For more on some of our up and coming webinars contact us or visit our page on the following link.

Let’s create some memorable experiences together!

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