The marshmallow challenge is an ideal introduction to several key aspects of innovation

Work your team dynamics

It is perfect for groups and teams of all disciplines and focuses on team dynamics. It can be done with small groups of 20- 30 up to larger groups of up to 1000 -1500.

The concept is simple but the lessons that can be learnt are critical to building any successful team and understanding communication.

How high can you build a tower out of spaghetti and scotch tape that can hold up a single marshmallow?


Using basic everyday material like Spaghetti sticks, string, masking tape and a marshmallow, the challenge is to build the tallest free-standing structure in groups of 4-5 people. This can be done indoors or outdoors as a stand-alone activity or as an integral part of a larger program.


Because the object of the game is not to just build the tallest structure, but the tallest structure must also be capable of supporting a Marshmallow on the top. It sounds so simple but when you add the character dynamics combined with the time factor and the omnipresent element of competition suddenly things become more complicated and more akin to real life situations.


All facilitators are professionally trained communications skills experts. Our expert trainers are on hand to ensure that critical learning KPI´s are observed during the process. These are all discussed in the final discussion session after the exercise.

The roots

Invented by Peter Skillman and popularised by Tom Wujec, the Marshmallow Challenge has been used in every kind of institution from fortune 500 companies and exclusive business universities to local schools and nurseries for young children. The results will surprise you and give you an insight in how your team or company collaborate with each other.

Duration and Cost

The whole activity from start to finish will last 45 minutes Cost: 25€person min.10 max.1000