Imagine the surprise for your team when they arrive to a real live “screening” of an action packed 007 movie. Complete with classic cars, super cars, leading lady and the quintessential baddie. Your team will arrive at the setting of an old Catalan country mansion dating back 700 years. The cameras will be set, and filming will be in flow as the security guards check all arrivals to ensure no filming or photos are taken.

The impatient Hollywood director will be busy filming an intricate fight scene and will demand that all spectators maintain absolute silence during filming.

As the tension builds, our very own Daniel Craig leaps into action in full view of the unwitting audience.

The scene is filmed several times much to the angst of the director, but at a given signal, the cameraman, make-up artists, lighting crew and all drivers suddenly burst into a carefully choreographed danced scene to welcome your guests to the dinner.


There are many variations of this event that we can organise, contact us to find out what we can do for you!

Here is a video of one we organised for our clients recently: