In this climate of complete change and confusion, companies and teams are still expected to maintain morale and focus on their jobs. Many teams have been greatly reduced in size while most have been confined to their home for extended periods of time.

How can I train my team that is no longer in the same geographic location?

How can I make teleconferencing calls entertaining?

How can I keep my team engaged?

How can I motivate my team in these tough times?

How can I keep sales going?

These questions and many more have driven us to relaunch our new training & development division.

Since 2009 we have been working with companies not only to organise their annual conferences and team building events, but also to help train, and incentivise team performance. 

It is one thing to organise an annual team building event, but it is another one to organise a program built around these 4 key parameters: 




Sales Results

We have teamed up with a huge network of 20 international trainers in team performance, communication skills, negotiation skills and leadership coaching to bring you some of the best online training material for your teams.

Our experts have been carefully vetted for their experience and for their ability to present material online in a fun and entertaining way.

Some people said that online training could never be fun…

We have proven that with our expert coaches and technical knowledge of running training events, we can provide any team with the high levels of fun and engagement that are required to see lasting results.


Whether for small groups of 10 people or larger groups of 1000, we have the right technical partners to ensure that the training is delivered without a hitch.


If you are responsible for the training in your company, the good news is that monitoring the ROI of a training program just got a lot easier!

No longer do you have to justify or fight for a budget to offer your team training, now you can work with us and we will help you define exactly what the outcomes of any training programs should be.

With our experience in international leadership & online team training, we will develop a bespoke program for you along with measurable outcomes.

Now you can use the digital records such as interaction, feedback, chats, and polls to measure engagement in real time!