Get ready to be part of a "Hollywood" movie!

In this unique experience, your unsuspecting guests will arrive for dinner really believing that a James Bond movie is being filmed. The set will be complete with luxury cars, makeup artists, Bond girls and the villain. On arrival, the cameras will be set, and filming will be in flow as the security guards check all arrivals to ensure no filming or photos are taken.

The meal will be served during the filming, at a certain point in the proceedings our “Hollywood director” will pretend that we are short of actors and engineers and ask for some volunteers to help participate. Some lucky people will have a chance to act alongside "James Bond" as they get involved in a carefully scripted scene complete with props and lines.

Once the scene has been filmed the director will thank the audience for their participation and announce that they have all taken part in a fantastic Flash Mob Experience!!! The whole process will be filmed from beginning to end and all members of the cast will receive a copy of the video to take as a memento. After the excitement of the movie, we can organise a full 5-course dinner in the historic surroundings of a 12th-century Catalan country house.

There are many variations of this event that we can organise, contact us to find out what we can do for you!


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