iPad rally

Ready, steady... Go! May the best win!

This group activity is a new way to discover the city at the same time that you generate team spirit, improve communication, while your team learn how to orientate and how to decipher different clues. This group activity takes you on a magical tour around the city while you compete, and have fun with your colleagues, enjoying the sites as you go.

This new application designed specifically for this activity enables teams and the organization to navigate around Barcelona to track the clues, complete different challenges and get the most points while competing with the rest of the groups! Only when the iPad GPS application verifies that you are exactly in the right location will your team be able to activate the challenge of each specific hotspot.

Experience an outdoor activity where the city acts as a life-sized game board. With the other teams fighting to finish their treasure hunt before yours, you and your team will race against the clock to complete the challenges at hand.

Teams will face different challenges of internal organization, strategy, culture, and even photography, all courtesy of the iPad.


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