human towers

Hone your teambuilding skills while taking part in a 250-year-old Catalan tradition!

This team building activity main goal is to help develop team spirit (values and team competencies) through its own dynamics called "fent pinya" which is used for the Catalan tradition of the Castellers (Human Castles considered World Heritage by UNESCO). Our Human Towers team building activity will offer your team the chance to learn about this local tradition while having fun!

What requires more teamwork than building a human tower?

The values and team competencies that this group activity helps to develop go from teamwork, shared responsibilities, effort towards a common goal… to maintaining the discipline during the activity.

All the participants are dressed in traditional costume including la faixa, the cloth that is wrapped around the waist, and everyone is encouraged to get involved in the process of building the tower. You can be part of "la pinya" (the base), this is built by the people on the ground making up the core – here strength is in numbers.

The base is the key - you need it strong and well built just like the foundation of a good company.

With fully-trained instructors to assist you, you and your teammates will form a bond made to strengthen both your towers and your team.


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