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Communication Skills

You inevitably realize the stakes are high when it comes to communicating. If you or your team fail to do this properly, the atmosphere between you, the team, your company and the customers could be at stake. Just as importantly, bad communication has a negative effect on your company’s morale, the company’s growth.

​At CrossOver we can help you with bespoke training programes focussing on communication skills. Our expert coaches will help you and your team to master this crucial skill whether you are communicating with each other or with customers.

​You, as the leader, will learn how to communicate effectively to promote teamwork, accountability and strategic alignment. Your team will also learn how to communicate effectively to promote teamwork and efficiency.

Leadership Development

Struggling as a leader now is not an option. During these unprecedented times leaders have to deal with changes, crisis and uncertainty, teams need assurance, motivation and muscle, being a strong empathetic leader is crucial.

At LifestyleDMC we can help you with bespoke training and coaching programs for you and your team focussing on identifying your vision, your strategy, your style and helping developing paths for reaching your goals.

You, as the leader, will learn how to impact your organization where it really counts. Directly and indirectly you impact every single member of your team and the extended teams, as well as your customers. We will help you develop the leadership and business skills you need to drive that success you need.

Soft Skills

Across your organisation, in every business unit and employee role, when soft skills are not mastered it will endanger the fabric of any high performing team. This can have a direct effect on gaining new clients or retaining existing ones as you strive to maintain and build your brand reputation in a crowded marketplace.

At LifestyleDMC we can help you with bespoke soft skills training programs focussing on your needs whether it is empathetic negotiation, adaptability, decision making, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, accountability, ownership or other skills.

You, as a leader, will learn how to empower your employees through soft skills improvement to collaborate and work together in order to collectively meet company goals and objectives. This will lead to improved efficiency and heightened productivity.

Company Culture

A disengaged workforce can cost your organisation thousands in loss of productivity and high staff turnover. The root cause of underperformance boils down to misaligned values or culture.

At LifestyleDMC we can help you with bespoke programs focussing on your needs whether it is reinforcing the company culture or changing it to face new challenges. We work with you to co-create programs that help reset the team focus around the vision and values of the company.

You, as a leader, will learn to lead with culture as a source of sustainable competitive advantage. It will make an enormous impact on your company's success through efficient teams, happy employees and higher productivity as a result of a cultural environment that brings out the best in leaders and minimizes roadblocks to accomplishment.

Effective Habits

Often you and your team start the day with fantastic energy but struggle to maintain the focus throughout the day. Productivity really is a lot more than checking tasks off your to-do list. Truly productive people aren’t focused on doing more things, they are focused on doing things smarter.

At LifestyleDMC we can help you with bespoke programs focussing on strategies you can use to better focus yourself and your team on being productive enough to achieve your goals.

You, as a leader, will learn to develop good work habits to establish a solid foundation for achieving optimal performance in every aspect of your life from professional to personal peak performance.

Some of our bespoke programs:

  • Stop to begin
  • Corporate communication skills
  • Effective team playing
  • 360º team feedback
  • Build a team in 48h
  • Design a rockstar workshop
  • Construct your charisma
  • Improv training for businesses
  • Emotionally Intelligent Negotiation
  • Effective challenging one-one conversations
  • Lessons from the space: managing changes
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